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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use handmade soaps?

Our handmade soaps are made of plant-based ingredients, some may contain beeswax or honey, the ingredients are from the Earth or by-products from mother nature, which are gentle to our skins. Our soaps are real soaps and are not detergents, they are free from synthetic materials. That said, people can have wide range of allergies from different medias, you should discontinue use if irritation occurs. Solid soaps do not require plastic bottles and contain minimal water, they are more eco-friendly, produce less waste and are more cost-effective on shipping aspect.



Where are you located?

We are situated in Newmarket, Ontario. Email us at for any questions or comments.

How do I pay?

If you place order through our Square online store, then you can pay by credit cards, debit and more options at Checkout. If you like to place your order through email or messaging, please e-transfer the payment to

What is the currency?

All listed prices are in Canadian dollars.

How do I order?

Our Square online store is available for shopping. You just have to click the "SHOP NOW" button on the Home page, then you will link to our Square store to shop. We accept credit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, debit and more.

How much is the shipping? How long does it take?

We have free shipping in Aurora or Newmarket on all orders over $30. On orders under $30, in Aurora or Newmarket, shipping cost is $8. We also provide free shipping on all orders over $150 before tax within Canada. For orders under $150 before tax, we charge a flat rate shipping cost of $15 within Canada.


We normally ship out your order within 2 business days.

Where do you get your ingredients?

We buy our ingredients from local businesses or surrunding areas within Canada.

How should I burn my candle?

NEVER LEAVE BURNING CANDLES UNATTENDED. Keep burning candles away from children, pets, flammable materials or fabric. They should be burned in a draft-free and clutter-free enviornment and on a stable surface. Burn on top of a heat resistant plate or use a candle holder, but not in a hurrance as it may get overheated.

Trim the wick before each use, keep the wick about 5mm except 10mm for candlesticks. Burn the candle according to its diameter, burn an hour for every inch diameter, or the wax pool almost reaches to the edge, that way you could maximum the buring hour of the candle. To extinguish the candle flame, either use a snuffer or a wick dipper to push the wick into the wax pool and then straighten up for next use. Don't forget to hug your beeswax candles after burning (when the candle is cool down a bit and still warm, push the soft rim down towards centre, it can prevent tunnelling and maxiumize the candle life span, be aware of the hot wax).

Why is there a whitish film or crystal coating on the beeswax candle?

There is a whitish film or some powdery crystals surrounding the candle, we call it "bloom". This phenomenon is proof of real natural beeswax, it is completely normal and harmless. It happens because of the natural oil of beeswax seeping out to the surface. The bloom will not affect the quality of the candle, it can be left as it is or wiped with a soft towel to "polish" it.

Do you do custom orders?

For all custom products, please email us for pricing. Custom soaps can be done if given a 7 weeks notice. Custom gift sets can be done, as they are customizable, for example you can mix bar soaps with candles, or lip balms with body scrubs, or cute figure soaps with school supplies.

Return Policy

If you are not happy with our products, we are happy to refund any unused products. Customers are responsible for the return shipping cost. Please contact us before sending back the products, and give us a chance to fix the issue.